LM6 Series

Impulses concentrator with plc communications


Cod: LM6


The LM6I2O is a device able to be connected to a PLC communication network, it takes the readings from any device that emits impulses such as water, gas or heat meter.
It has six inputs that are isolated from the main supply. The impulses account of each one are sent by PLC communications to the concentrator PLC 800.
Also it has two outputs which can actuate on contactors, acoustic and/ or luminous devices for non critical alarms.
The device will use the PLC network, the RS-232 or RS-485 (optional) communication port.


The LM6I2O PLC has six inputs which counts the impulses of an external meter. These inputs are isolated from the main network and are independent one from the others.
The LM6I2O will send the accumulated readings to the PLC800 concentrator. Optionally, it can store an hourly load profile from each input. That profile can be downloaded in order to give all the information to create a billing system. This load profile has a capacity of 31 days, it will be stored into the PLC 800 concentrator or it can be downloaded directly with the serial port.
These inputs have a limit of impulses. After that, the input value will be put to 0. The capacity of these inputs is up to 10 impulses for a second.
The device also has two relay outputs and working with them it is possible to read its status or to open and close them remotely.


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